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lilac image card of white woman holding a yoga pose for flute stretch. Quote 16: “NOTHING HAPPENS UNLESS SOMETHING MOVES” -Albert Einstein

Keep moving… if only a little.. just keep moving 🧘🏽‍♀️

The beauty of yoga as with any other fitness mode, is that you are able to follow the rhythm of your body, and your intuition. This enables you to not only connect better with yourself, but to understand, test and exceed your body’s limitations.

Start today

You will be surprised at the progress that you will make in the next week, month and year. It’s impossible to stand still when you are always ´just´ moving 😉

Fit4Mii app has an array of yoga and other online fitness classes. Some classes are free, some are pay as you go, and others are on subscriptions. We aim to cater to all, no matter how much or how little they move 😉

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