Smoking Cessation Top Tips And Advice Plus Support

Quit Smoking With Support & Advice From Fit4Mii App

Smoking cessation can be a challenge, and Fit4Mii would like to help you in the process.  Hopefully you will also have support from your friends and family, and have already spoke to your doctor about how to kick this bad habit. You have so much to look forward to once you quit smoking -smelling, looking and feeling better. But in the short term, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms from cutting out nicotine. So Fit4Mii wants to offer our members support in this process. Many of Fit4Mii trainers are former smokers (I know, sounds crazy but we aren’t perfect), and we are all passionate about helping others to improve their health. Stopping smoking is one of the fastest ways to improve your health!

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Quit Smoking With Cessation Support

🟣 Smoking Cessation 🟣
Two weeks away from a new year, are you thinking about ditching this habit?

No judgement , no scare tactics. Just Practical support and advice  in helping you to quit smoking we all know a lot of negative health impacts of smoking, and we live in a culture that judges rather than understands. It’s an addiction, and a serious one -no Karen, no one needs to hear about how you quit smoking after smoking for two weeks at uni 🤦🏽‍♀️ It literally helps no one. So, we’ve created events on our company Facebook and LinkedIn pages to help people to kick the habit. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we will be combining hypnosis, CBT, patches -anything that has been proven to help people quit smoking. Please take a moment to tag friends who are smokers, or share our event to your network. How someone kicks the habit, and how long it takes doesn’t matter, as long as they keep it as a goal to work towards 💪🏽

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