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Recipes To Go Vegan / Plant-Based During Veganuary!

#Veganuary is a great initiative! Are you taking part? #Fit4mii fully supports a meat-free lifestyle, for the planet, for our furry and fishy friends. How do you feel about reducing your meat intake? Are you plant-based veggie queen 👸🏾 or king 🤴🏽? Take your recommendations for vegan pages -beauty, hair care, clothing. I saw a quote “humans are in danger too”, and an article linking pandemics to the consumption of meat by humans 😱 I’m not vegan so I’m not preaching, but I try to cut down and phase meat out. Check out our Vegan recipe book on our store . 21 vegan recipes written by out expert nutritionist. We will donate €1 to the @vegansocietyuk For All purchases of our recipe book in the next 72 hours 💜 Find the best plant-based alternatives at Fit4Mii!

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Need Vegan / Plant-Based Recipes To Try Veganuary?

Would you like some great Vegan / Plant-based recipes? hen try Fit4Vegan Recipe Book (PDF). The Vegan recipe book contains 21 great recipes for going plant-based. The Recipe e-book contains 2 smoothie recipes and 5 tasty  breakfast recipes. The E-book also contains 7 plant based lunch recipes and lastly, 7 dinner recipes. So, you will of course have a variety of choice in terms of trying a brand new plant-based diet.

Image shows a tablet the Fit4Vegan Vegan Recipe Book Cover on the Screen. Next to the Tablet, there is a Green Vegan Logo, and cream icons for kosher and halal approved

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