Fit4Mii App | Online Fitness Training | Image shows a woman performing a side lunge and working out at home. The image also has text that reads "download fit4mii app now" and has superimposed images of mobiles with Fit4Mii app open, plus google and iOS app store logos

Find Great Online Fitness Training Classes On Fit4Mii App!

Online Fitness your way and as unique as YOU are!

•You don’t need to worry about membership costs, basic membership is FREE with lots of workout videos.
•Classes, courses and meal plans to suit everyone.
•Yoga, pilates, HiiT, Tabata, dance, kids classes, seated classes, nutrition seminars and much , much more.
•Fitness instruction held in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Arabic and Farsi … plus many more 😳

Anyone who joins this weekend will receive a free recipe book from

Visit Fit4Mii dot app to sign up and download the app!

Online training the way you want it, to suit your unique preferences!

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Some Great online Fitness Training Classes That You Can Find On Fit4Mii App

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