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Some great Benefits of HiiT Workouts

HiiT stands for High Intensity interval Training. Any exercise that consists of short burst of high intensity exercise, followed by a longer period f low intensity exercise is classified as HiiT.

HiiT workouts are great for burning fat and gaining a little more muscle. The workouts are also great for getting a great workout in a short amount of time. HiiT workouts can be as short as 15 minutes, which is great for those who have limited time.

HiiT workouts usually involved the whole body, and require very little-to-no equipment. You will often see a “HiiT” programme button on cardio machines in gyms. If you press the button, the cardio machine will set you up on a HiiT workout.

On Fit4Mii app, You can find a range of live and on demand (pre-recorded) HiiT classes, including bootcamp, Pilatercize, Tabata and circuit training.
Try out one of the classes this week and see what a difference HIIT can make to your workout!

Enjoy the benefits of taking part in HiiT Workouts!

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Live & On Demand HiiT Home Workouts On Fit4Mii Fitness App

Fit4Mii app has a range of  live and on demand fitness classes and courses.  Live classes are based on a monthly subscription (prices vary). The fitness app also has some free fitness HiiT classes as well as webinars and books!

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