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Tackle Your Shoulder Pain With Stretches

Relieve Your Shoulder Pain With These Stretches

Poor posture could cause shoulder pain. Prolonged sitting can cause strain to the neck and shoulder. Follow these stretches to ease the pain..

Are you experiencing ache and pain on your shoulder?

There are plenty of reasons that could cause shoulder pain, few of them are poor posture and sitting for a long period of time. Try these stretches to tackle and relieve the pain!

– Arm over chest — 1 minute each 3-5 times
– Shoulder circles — 5 times each 2-3 times a day
– The child’s pose — hold the pose up to 5 minutes
– Chest expansion — hold for 30 seconds and repeat 3-4 times

Doing this regularly will help reduce your shoulder pain, and make your body feel much lighter. Do you have stretching habits or routine that you do? Share with us down in the comment! 😉

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