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Managing Injuries & Health Problems That Stop You From Working Out

Keep Moving By Following Our Top Tips OnWorking Out Whilst You Have Health Problems

There’s always bumps in the road to achieving your health and fitness goals. Accidents, injuries, health conditions and disabilities can slow down your progress improving your health.

There are some things that you can do, to help the process. Be patient with yourself and take the following steps to get you back on track as quickly and safely as possible:

🟣Talk To Your Doctor & Follow Their Advice 🟣

It’s very important that you take the doctor’s advice about exercising whilst you have a health condition or injury. This will help to decrease your recovery time. Ask your doctor what exercise or nutritional changes they advise for your specific issue.

🟣 Read & Follow Directions For Medications 🟣

If you are taking medication for an injury or health condition, make sure that you read the pamphlets and follow the directions on how to dose and take your medication. Check for interactions and take the medication at scheduled times.

🟣Work With A Specialist🟣

Whether it’s a health condition, disability or injury, make sure to work with someone who has experience helping people with your specific condition. Lots of people may make suggestions, or give advice, and they mean well. But they could do more harm than good as they have no qualifications in the area.

Speak to your fitness trainer

A good trainer will always encourage you to work with your doctor and therapists, and not return to training until you have the green-llight from the doctor. If you have an injury, and your doctor is happy for you to work out, the trainer will be able to provide you with adapted exercises to avoid hindering the healing process.

🟣Need Some Advice & Motivation?🟣

Effectively managing injuries and health problems can be the difference between stopping all exercise or thriving from it. Drop us a line if you need advice or motivation. We are always happy to help and we are happy to provide free advice to ensure that you are on the best health and fitness path for you. 

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