Fitness News: Belly Fat Resistant To Every-Other-Day Fasting
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FITNESS NEWS -Belly Fat Resistant To Every Other Day Fasting 

Scientists from the @sydney_uni found that intermittent fasting was ineffective on reducing fat stored around the tummy area on mice. This is such interesting health and fitness news! Many people find that the tummy-area has hard-to-burn fatty deposits. So no one wants to try “solutions” that make it even harder to burn fat!

Every Other Day Fasting Can Cause Body To Preserve Fat

The results of the study indicated that over time, the body went into “preservation mode” and became resistant to weight loss. Could your own body made every-other-day fasting redundant?

In this study, the fasting method used was fasting every other day. The study also found that evidence that the body also adapted to store more fat. The scientists found that this may be the body’s way of preparing for the next fasting session.

So what does this mean for you? Well, @fit4mii_app firmly believes in creating healthy, happy eating habits that help you to reduce fat and keep it off. We don’t believe in fad diets or creating eating habits that are unsustainable. So if you need help and advice, please ask us!

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