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Happy world health day 2021 🌍💜

Each year @who chooses a different theme for this day, this year the theme is ‘Building a fairer, healthier world’.

How relevant is this right now?

Who thought we would still be in masks, lockdowns and social distancing for so long? For the poorer members of our global society, they have had less resources to make this experience more comfortable, as well as facing extreme financial hardships and lack of healthcare.

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO),

More than half of the global population lacks access to basic healthcare, and only 29% have adequate health care coverage via social security.

So for us at @fit4mii_app we want to highlight the massive inequities of those who have or will be impacted by diseases and illnesses and who do not receive medical attention. Not only for April 7th, but for every suffering person year round.

Many of our followers are based in countries or descend from countries that have high rates of people who do not receive medical treatment.

We ask our followers to do the following:
• TAG charities that help people to access medical care.
•COMMENT the location of the charity.
•TAG @fit4mii_app in posts about the charities and we will share 💜

Happy World Health Day!

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