Online Live Yoga Classes For Kids!

Kids’ Yoga has many benefits. In-person classes are great but can be tricky to stay regular if there is a lockdown.

Fit4Mii trainers teach weekly, live yoga classes for kids and families. So you can make sure the kids stay active no matter what.

Where can I find Yoga classes for my children?

Your child can take part in Fit4Mii Kids’ Yoga classes independently, or with parents.

Classes are affordable and flexible, so you and the whole family can take part -whilst only paying one subscription

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Kids’ Yoga Classes currently take place weekly and are taught in English or Spanish. Yoga for Kids (English) Starts today!

Sign up via :$%20family

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Clases De Yoga Y Ritmo Para Niños

Una clase para  que los más pequeños disfruten del yoga aprendiendo ejercicios, asanas, a través de diferentes animales y cuentos siempre llenando el espacio con música y ritmo.

Yoga For Kids Classes

Would you like to enrol your children in online yoga classes? Well, Alexandra has the best Yoga classes for your kids! Alex’s classes focus on the yoga basics, meditation, relaxation and much more! You child will feel more relaxed, calmer, and most importantly, your child will have some very healthy screen time!

Click the phones to visit course pages!

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