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Invest in the Future of Fitness

Fit4Mii health and fitness and fintech app -connecting the right professionals to the right clients. We aim for anyone, anywhere, no matter the age, budget and ability to find health and fitness training that keeps them motivated and engaged.

Fit4Mii’s mission is to make quality, interactive health and fitness education and training accessible, affordable and enjoyable for the masses. We have a “no one is left behind” approach, so the accessibility for those with disabilities (our VIP members) and those on lower incomes, are at the forefront of our mission. Our business model ensures that people, not profits come first -always.

Help To Improve The Health & Fitness Of Thousands, By Investing In Fit4Mii

 Whether on or offline, fitness is not accessible to some. For those with health issues, disabilities, limited finances and time constraints find it hard to access caring and quality health and fitness guidance. Fit4Mii aims to have trainers from all disciplines who can train anyone, no matter age, ability or finances. We welcome all enquiries from potential investors, and we look forward to discussing your interest soon. Please fill out the enquiry form and you will be contacted within 2-3 business days. Please note that all investors will be vetted, with and NDA being completed and  Due Diligence checks under taken prior to furthering any discussions. 

Invest in Fit4Mii Fitaverse & Our Crypto, FitXii

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