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New You Weight Loss, Diet, Exercise & Exercise Journal | PDF

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Product Details
Brand: Fit4Mii Fitaverse

About the Weight Loss, Diet & Exercise Journal

The Fit4Mii Weight Loss, Diet & Exercise Journal is designed to help you track your lifestyle changes in realtime, and helps you to identify areas of improvement as well as your successes and progress.

When To Use The Weight Loss, Diet & Workout Journal

Use your journal to keep track of how you progress through your healthy lifestyle plan. Use your journal daily, so that you can easily identify areas of strengths and challenges.. if you fall off the wagon, refer back to your journal so that you have a head start.

Why Should You Start Journaling Your Weight Loss, Diet & Workout?

You want to create a method of remembering what does and doesn’t work for you and your body, as well as track your progress in real-time. this journal will become your bible on maintaining your own health.

Contents of the Journal Weight Loss, Diet & Workout Journal (14 pages PDF):

  • Measurements Journal –Take Your Measurements on a weekly or bi-weekly Basis. Remember that your menstrual cycle can effect your results.
  • Workout Journal –Make notes on your workouts and write down what did and didn’t work for you in the success and challenges journals.
  • Inspiration Journalwrite down the quotes that have inspired your to keep going on your health and fitness journey.
  • Success Journal -write down things that helped you to stay on track, break old habits and / or establish new and healthier habits.
  • Challenges Journalwrite down times when you messed up and what triggered that slip-up & what can you do different next time?
  • Photo Journal -photos are a great way to document your body’s changes. get creative with the pics,take photos in clothes that start to fit differently. Even capaturing your increased confidence is enough of a boost to keep you motivated!

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