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Corporate Wellness & Fit4Mii B2B Partnerships Between Businesses & NGO's

Fit4Mii values all contact from prospective B2B partners. Our mission is to improve the health and fitness of people from all different walks of life, so we are happy to partner with companies and NGO’s that are on the same mission. We welcome contact from businesses and charities who wish to incorporate Fit4Mii app online fitness training, into their corporate wellness plans for staff. We are also happy to discuss unique plans and offers for your business or NGO needs.

Please use the form to contact us to discuss how Fit4Mii can partner with you to help others improve their health and fitness. Companies wish to provide their staff with a health and fitness solution that caters to the diversity of their workforce. NGO’s may wish to partner with Fit4Mii on our unique model, that will benefit the charity and enable them to continue their work in their field. No matter the industry, Fit4Mii believes we have a place in all businesses and charities. Fit4Mii your company is looking for a great health and fitness solution for your employees.

Current Fit4Mii B2B Partners

Th Benefits Of Fit4Mii Corporate Wellness Solutions

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Fit4Mii Corporate Wellness Solutions To Reflect The Diversity Of Your Staff

Your corporation workplace maybe made up of people from various countries and cultures. Depending on the individual, they may have their own individual obstacles to improving their health and fitness related to their cultural background.Give your staff the opportunity to connect with trainers based globally who are able to understand the needs of all clients. Fit4Mii’s classes are taught in 21 languages, by amazing fitness professionals who understand how to help others achieve their wellness goals.

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Reflect The Individuality Of Your Staff With Fit4Mii Corporate Wellness Solutions

Every workplace is made up of staff who have their own individual needs. At Fit4Mii, our trainers deliver services for young and old alike. that means you staff can enrol in our wellness services for themselves, as well as enrolled their children in wellness classes, and keep their older family members healthy by signing them up to classes for seniors. no other corporate wellness solution can drastically enhance the health of your staff, and their families. 

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Equitable and Accessible Wellness Solutions To Suit Each Member of Staff

Accessibility is at the heart of many companies who wish to include those with different needs. Fit4Mii is the only mainstream health and fitness platform that supports those with disabilities, injuries, illness. Our aim is to improve the wellness of all, no matter their individual needs. We hope that by providing accessible services, your staff will be happier and healthier. our trainers include those with visual, auditory, and mobility differences, so they understand members from a personal point of view.

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Low-cost &Custom Fit4Mii Corporate Wellness Solutions

Each company has it’s own budget for catering to the wellness needs of their staff, and Fit4Mii works in collaboration with the corporations, to ensure that the solutions are on-budget, without any surprises, or vendor lock-in.  In consultation, fit4mii will assess the size and needs of your staff, and create a plan to suit your budget as well as provide quality health and wellness services that accommodates your staff, their needs, and budget.


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Contact Fit4Mi To Learn More About How We Can Work Together Through Strategic Partnerships

Fit4Mii’s B2B proposition is great. Let’s start the discussion and explore the possibilities of working in partnership to improve the health of our global community. We are happy to communicate information about our corporate partnerships to our members and followers. Fit4Mii already has a business model for our partnerships with businesses, NGO’s, hospitality, and health care industries. You can request a digital brochure via the contact form, we aim to respond to all enquiries within 72 hours of submission. You are also welcome to contact us via WhatsApp in the meantime, or schedule a call with a member of the Fit4Mii B2B partnerships team. Please note that Fit4Mii undertakes Due Diligence checks as per recommended by regulatory recommendations. All of our partnerships are also formalised by way of agreements between Fit4Mii and our B2B / charity partners.

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Improve Employee Health & Wellness Strategic Partnerships With Fit4Mii

The focus on corporate health and wellness has been increasing over the past two years. Employees who had been able to work from home during lockdowns, were able to invest more time in the health and well-being, and Fit4Mii would like to support 

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