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For Online & Offline Health & Fitness Trainers

Join Fit4Mii app as an online fitness trainer, find new clients both online and offline. With Fit4Mii’s help you can will grow your fitness business affordably, with on-demand services. Grow your fitness business both in-person and via home workouts through our app.

Great Fitness Trainer Branding

Firstly, Fit4Mii helps online fitness trainers to create and/or strengthen your brand of online health and fitness training and classes.
Trainer Creativity -Fit4Mii works with online fitness trainers to come up with the ideal branding and market positioning for you.
Trainer Promotion -Fit4Mii promotes online fitness trainers and your services via all of our channels, including our website, our social pages, and our podcasts.

Online Fitness Product Development

Secondly, Fit4Mii assists online fitness trainers in creating online health and fitness training classes and courses that will gain a lot of traffic and conversions.
<br> Online Training: we provide training and support so that online fitness trainers can create highly engaging courses and packages.
Fitness Client Support: we help online fitness trainers to support their clients with customers service and automated check-ins. Consequently, reducing the workload of fitness trainers.

Fitness Client Lead Generation

Finally, Fit4Mii generates fitness leads for online fitness trainers. We do this to reduce the cost of client acquisition to each trainer, whether they train their clients online or in person.
Fitness Client Conversion: we support online health and fitness professionals to maximize product uptake, sales, and usage.
Trainer Pricing: we support online health and fitness trainers in diversifying and growing their fitness business.

Benefits Of Joining Fit4Mii App To Teach Health & Fitness Classes Online

Global Health & Fitness Clients

Fit4Mii online health and fitness members are based globally, so you don't need to worry about just having a local base. Fit4Mii advertises based on languages and location.

Filming Technique Training

Learn how to film and stream online health and fitness classes/ videos to the best quality, with tips on audio and filming techniques, stream to multiple platforms. In addition, we also have a support form to network with other trainers.

Fit4Mii Fitness App Live classes screen iphone

Work Your Own Hours

Arrange your online fitness training working hours around a schedule that suits you! You decide when you want to teach and Fit4Mii fills your classes with members.

Spend Less, Earn More

Our online fitness platform is FREE for health and fitness professionals to join. Contrary to other platforms, Fit4Mii is FREE. So you do not need to worry about paying a subscription fee to Fit4Mii. We are the best alternative to other online fitness training platforms.

What Online & Offline Health & Fitness Products /Services Can You Offer Via Fit4Mii App?

You can offer any online and offline health and fitness services that you are qualified /certified to carry out. These may include:

  • Online and in-person health and fitness services. Pre-recorded video courses.
  • Live classes via Fit4Mii (option for Zoom integration). 1-2-1 / Personal training services.
  • Written courses. Recipes books. Physical products.

We request copies of qualifications to be sure trainers are qualified to deliver health and fitness services.

Is Fit4Mii Just For Online Health & Fitness Trainers?

Fit4Mii is for all things health and fitness, so we work with:

  • Health & Fitness professionals who work Online and in-person.
  • Nutritionists who work Online and in-person 
  •  Counsellors who work Online and in-person.
  •  Psychiatrists who work Online and in-person.
  • Holistic health practitioners who work Online and in-person.
  • Life coaches who work Online and in-person.
  • Hypnotherapists who work Online and in-person.
  • Spiritual healers who work Online and in-person.
  • Dance instructors Online and in-person.

If you believe that you have a skill to offer, and would like to list your services on Fit4Mii today!


What costs are involved in Joining Fit4Mii As An Online Fitness Trainer?

Together with Fit4Mii, you can certainly build your online health and fitness business. We do not charge monthly subscriptions to individual trainers. We do not take a split of 1-2-1 or personal training sessions that we generate either.

Fit4Mii takes a proportion of pre-recorded, text courses and live classes fees when purchased via Fit4Mii. Therefore, you do not pay anything unless you have earned something first.

Also, the majority of the fee that Fit4Mii reserves, is reinvested into marketing for new leads. We have an annual registration fee of €30 to cover administration costs. Fit4Mii is the lowest cost compared to other platforms  for online fitness trainers.

Join Fit4Mii & Start Training Clients Online Trainer TODAY

Sign Up and Join Fit4Mii App as one of the trainers. List your on & offline services on Fit4Mii’s online marketplace. Generate client leads and increase revenues, as well as receive support and training.

It should be noted that we only allow qualified trainers to join Fit4Mii.

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