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Looking for gym software solutions? Move your gym online with Fit4Mii. Generate leads, grow revenues, and diversify your gym’s fitness products and services.
2020 taught us all the importance of diversifying the revenue streams and service delivery of even the most solid brick-and-mortar fitness business. 

Independent gym owners have invested their blood, sweat and tears into building their health clubs, and Fit4Mii wants to ensure that the businesses can keep training their clients -no matter the restrictions in place.

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Move Your Gym's Fitness Classes Online with Fit4Mii

Sadly the lockdowns have become a regular issue for businesses such as gyms and health clubs. In most parts of the world, gyms  have been closed for weeks on end, without adequate financial support from their local or national governments. This has created serious financial issues for gyms and health clubs, with mass cancellations, or memberships being put on freeze whilst cost of running a gym have continued to pile up for health club owners.

Freelance personal trainers and studio instructors may have also left the business due to them not being able to carry out their day-to-day sessions within the club.  For the health club owners, the impact is devastating. It took years of hard work to build a base  of members and a health and fitness community.

Moving online has been a huge learning curb for many within the fitness industry, however Fit4Mii has always believed that diversifying services to include online services, would strengthen health and fitness businesses.

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Move Your Studio Classes, Personal Trainers, & Fitness Members Online

Gym and health club owners  can set up their entire club (virtually) on Fit4Mii.  This will provide protection for health club and gym owners, that if there are scenarios like lockdowns, there’s less disruption to serviceThis can also help in scenarios of repair works and renovations that require the health clubs and gyms to close. This enables gym and health club owners to ensure their Personal trainers members are kept happy! The best thing is the flexibility and accessibility for everyone!

Save Time With your Online Gym Software

With our platform, you’ll save time when you most need it, while serving your customers.

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Our support team is here to ensure things runs smoothly, so you can get on with other things.

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Watch your profits and efficiency soar. You’ll expand faster than you ever thought possible.

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You’ll find it our platform is ideal for quick yet important changes. It’s also simple to use.

Why FitMii For Your Online Gym Software?

We think health and fitness should be accessible. So we’ believe delivering it online,  to make it easier.

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