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Unique Online Fitness | Fit4Mii Training | Home Workouts

Unique Online Fitness Training

A variety of live and pre-recorded online fitness training workouts to suit you. Fitness choices that fit your needs. From HiiT, Yoga, Pilates, to Tabata Boxing, our classes cater to all. From pre and postnatal, kids’ fitness and, classes for seniors. Plus, all the best and most popular online fitness home workout classes! You will be able to join our home workout classes and workout with one of our great online health and fitness trainers.We also provide a human touch to our mode of online fitness training. 

Affordable Online Fitness | Fit4Mii Training | Home Workouts

Affordable Online Fitness Training

Membership to our online fitness platform is free. You can take part in free online fitness courses and classes -there are lots of free online home workout fitness classes to choose from!  We also have subscriptions to the premium paid health and fitness classes and courses. Our flexible pricing is inclusive for all. Fit4Mii members can join free/ paid health and fitness classes and courses to suit their needs. Our paid memberships are easy-to-exit subscriptions. Members can subscribe to individual health and fitness classes and courses. 

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Diverse Online Fitness Training

Our trainers are based globally and speak 21 languages. They understand the social and cultural challenges that you may face in achieving your health fitness goals.  The diverse range of Fit4Mii online fitness trainers creates a variety in online health and fitness classes, courses, products, and services.When a new member joins Fit4Mii app, we can match each member to an online fitness trainer depending on the member’s location, language, health and fitness goals, and fitness mode preferences. 

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Accessible Online Fitness Training

We have a range of online services to suit those with injuries and disabilities. So no matter what your starting point is, we have services to help you achieve your fitness goals. Due to our vast range of online health and fitness providers, we will keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.Fit4Mii understands that we all have obstacles to work around whilst improving our health and fitness. We continually work to make our services inclusive and accessible to all, no matter the personal challenges of online fitness members.