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“Be a better you, for you”

What are the real reasons, YOUR reasons for wanting to improve yourself? It’s so common to hear someone wants to lose weight to look good for reunions, a new romantic partner, or to be fitter for the kids and grandkids.. basically for someone else.

These are such valid and meaningful reasons. They are good reasons to become and sustain motivation whilst achieving your goals.

If you strip those reasons away, and just imagine it’s just you taking to yourself. What changes would you want to make and why? What difference does it make to you when you focus on improving all aspects of your health.

For me, it means being happier, feeling less tense, sleeping better, thinking clearer, connecting with my body each day, and managing stress levels better. Having your own reasons to improve yourself is always best!

You don’t need any reasons outside yourself, to want to improve yourself… 2021 is coming…

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