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Raise Awareness Of Cervical Cancer This Week

This week is Cervical Cancer awareness week

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We kindly ask all our followers to share this post, to raise awareness and help to prevent deaths from cervical cancer.In 2018, 570,000 people were diagnosed with cervical cancer, of which 311.000 sadly died of the disease. Almost all cases of cervical cancer are linked to HPV infection. Early diagnosis, and early intervention are key to surviving this disease.*

Symptoms include:

🟣Abnormal vaginal bleeding.

🟣Bleeding between periods.

🟣Bleeding during intercourse.

🟣Pain during intercourse.

🟣Constant Fatigue


🟣Discomfort whilst urinating

🟣Unexplained weight loss

🟣Changes in vaginal discharge

🟣Pain in the legs.

🟣Pelvic pain

Please note that everyone’s body is different and the symptoms experienced vary from person to person. 

Ensure that you take regular smear tests, don’t put them off in fear. The test takes a few minutes, and you will usually have the results within 1-2 weeks (usually earlier if you need further investigation.

*Data taken from WHO (World Health Organisation).

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Book Your Pap / Smear Test -Don't Delay!

It’s recommended that for women who are sexually active, to have a smear once every 3 years. Here, we will share a story of one of our fitness members and her experience of smears. We invite you to also tell your stories of cervical health in the comments.

I had CIN 2 & 3 Cells, I Was Worried That It Would Progress to Cervical Cancer

“When my son was around 1, I had a routine smear. I wasn’t concerned, I didn’t have any symptoms or anything. There was no reason for me to be concerned about the results. This was my 3rd smear and the other two were fine. 10 days after the smear, I got a letter to say that there were some abnormalities found. A few days later, I went for the punch biopsy. The results of this determined that I had CIN 2 & 3. So within two weeks, I had this all removed.I found the process very scary, but I guess you have to face these things head-on”

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