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Raising Awareness Of The Sexual Health Epidemic

We’ve all been very focused on the pandemic since early 2020, but there’s also a silent sexual health epidemic right now.Posting a little late but STIQ day was on the 14th January. To be honest, this should be something that everyone pays attention to everyday. So we are about health -all areas of health! This includes sexual health. It’s crazy to think that we are in the middle of a pandemic and we are so careful, ensuring we wear our masks, social distance and wash our hands. But there is also a hidden epidemic that is growing daily because their is a culture of causal sex, and people are not very concerned about wearing their genital masks (CONDOMS). The younger generations do not remember or weren’t around for the HIV campaigns of the 80s and 90s. 

STIs can leave you with long-term health problems, it’s important to take these seriously. No point eating organic if you have little care about any old 🍆 dip. We ask that everyone takes the time to share this, tag their friends, save this post to educate others. Also, this is where the dopamine detox can help. Unsafe sexual habits can lead to life-changing impacts. There’s that saying “you either take risks or live with regrets”. In the case of STIs, you can take risks, and live with regrets. Let’s continue raising awareness of this issue and work to tackle it.

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What Are The Experts Saying About The Sexual Health Epidemic

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