Make The Most Of Your Online Yoga Classes with These Tips and & Tricks!

Kick Start Your Online Yoga Class Journey With These Helpful Hints & Tricks

 Here’s our simple Yoga tips and tricks, great for our online fitness classes. If you are new to Yoga, fret not, we come bearing an important message

Tips and Tricks for Online Yoga Classes:

  • Make sure you always warm up and stretch before your yoga class. Yes, Yoga can be quite gentle, focused on flexibility but it’s common for people to push the boundaries of their flexibility during a yoga class. If you think you may attempt to be a “Bendy-Wendy”, start 5-10minutes before the live yoga class, with a gentle warm up and prep-stretch session.
  • Get a comfortable Yoga Mat. The nature of yoga mats is that they tend to not be eco-friendly. But Fit4Mii has found a biodegradable Yoga mat.
  • Start off with easier routine, do not push yourself too hard!
  • Do the best you can!
  • Regulate your breathing, and get comfortable to stay still!

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To help you improve as you go byAfter you start, you will eventually find how doing yoga improves your physical and mental wellbeing😉

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Yoga Tips & Tricks For Online Fitness Classes

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