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A Home Workout App With A Difference - As Unique As You

Welcome To Home 🏡 Workouts with Fit4Mii App 💪🏽

 Firstly, there’s not been much to celebrate over the past year, but one thing has become more accessible and accessible -getting fit at home. Now you can bring the gym home with you and take part in some of your favourite classes via Fit4Mii app. Our Online fitness trainers are diverse and as unique as you are. Fit4Mii app works hard to match the right online fitness members to the best online fitness trainers, and our live and on-demand classes.  You can workout in your own time, and there is no subscription required -basic membership is free! Also, Fit4Mii connects with fitness members personally. We encourage all new members to take our health and fitness assessment, as well as booking a consultation with us. This way, we can make sure that you know how to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Home Workout Equipment Recommended For Use With Fit4Mii App Online Fitness Classes

Secondly, You need the right equipment for your home workouts. Most of the online fitness classes require little-to-no equipment. At Fit4Mii, we want to make a real difference to your health and fitness journey. Although some classes do need home workout equipment to use during our in-app fitness classes. Some handy home fitness equipment to invest in could be:

  • Yoga Mat – Great for Fit4Mii’s online Yoga and Pilates classes.
  • Skipping ropes -Great for cardio classes such as circuit.
  • Dumbbells -Fantastic for Toning Classes.
  • Resistance bands – Great for increasing resistance during toning classes.
  • Compact Treadmill – Great for the live running classes on Fit4Mii App.
  • Zumba Tone Sticks – Great for working the arms during Fit4Mii app’s Zumba classes. They can also be used for other dance classes.
  • Indoor Bike – perfect for our online indoor cycling classes 

All can be purchased quite affordable online, and they last for years of well looked after.

Fit4Mii Home Workout Fitness App -Amazon Recommended Products

Recommended Fit4Mii home workout products for our online  classes  (where specific that equipment is required). Fit4Mii is part of the Amazon Affiliates Programme, and we make a commission on purchased using our recommended products. All sales / delivery / issues regarding these products should be directed to amazon.

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