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Do you have an injury? It’s such a pain -physically and emotionally, to find workarounds for injuries. Depending on the injury that you have, you may still be able to work out, with some adaptations. Other than our doctors and physios, injuries are our best teachers. Injuries can be signs of other issues within the body. For example, a knee injury could be caused by having dropped arches in the feet. The sunken arches can lead to knee pain and injuries, due to the knees not being in optimum alignment due to sunken arches. Wrist pain could be due to pregnancy hormones, and excess muscle pain after exercise could indicate that your nutrition is not sufficient for the level and type of activity you are performing. It’s still possible to take part in workouts, you just need to check with your medical professional first.

Tips for staying active whilst injured:

1. Take your doctor’s advice on how much and what type of exercises you can and cannot do.
2. If the injury persists, ask your doctor to refer you to to a physiotherapist.
3. Eat accordingly to help your injury recovery. Check out our blog on nutrition for injuries by @streamlinetotalfitness
4. Book a telephone consultation with @fit4mii_app to be matched to suitable programmes for you.
5. Book on to our exercise correction classes , to help you build yourself back up.


Further reading:

  • To read more on how poor posture can lead to injuries,  click here.
  • Information on how insufficient nutrition can contribute to your risk of injury, click here.

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