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Help Others By Normalising Exhaustion

Please, for the love of God, normalise exhaustion!

After 6 weeks of school holidays, a lot of parents will definitely relate to feeling exhausted.

I am a solo mum and my son has ADHD, autism and Tourette’s. Trust me, I know what exhaustion is. What frustrates me most is people’s lack of understanding.

I am usually working from 8pm (son’s bedtime), until around 3 or 4am. Then I get up at 5am with my son (it is impossible to work around him). Yet still, some people seem disappointed that I am human, and I am tired. Which is hilarious to me, as I am usually the toughest, fittest and most mentally strong out of everyone that I know (some people may get p*ssed off with me saying this), but it is what it is 🤷🏽‍♀️ So when I’m told to live up to their expectations in health, I use sign language to convey my view 🖕🏽

So I am exhausted. Here are some symptoms of exhaustion:
•muscle and joint pain
•low mood

Fitness Training Does Not Help Exhaustion!

There’s a perception that exhaustion can be fixed by a mindset change, working out, and positive affirmations. Anything more than light exercise (yoga, pilates, stretch), can be deplete your energy more. Supplements also aren’t much help if you have gut issues from stress (they don’t absorb them as well as they would if you were at optimal health).

This is untrue, and leads to a deterioration for some. Exhaustion is a physical manifestation of your body’s need to REST and RECUPERATE. If you know someone is exhausted, treat them like you would treat a bee mother -offer to help, sympathise, and support.

Normalising exhaustion is helpful to others, as it takes the pressure off others to do more. A lot of what you see on social media is fake. The happiest couples are often in turbulent relationships, the most positive people are oftentimes the most tormented. It’s up to us as individuals to opt out of being complicit in all the fakery, and that opt-out starts with the people around you, whom you care about most. Let them heal and rest, and support them in that process.

So please hush with the positivity and make yourself useful – #inspo isn’t reality.

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