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Get Paid For Referring Your Friends To Join Fit4Mii

Earn Money Online By Getting Fit & Helping Others to Get Fitter


Not only do you receive cashback on purchases via health & fitness training at but you can also earn cashback by referring others!

Sign up is simple, either download the app, or create an account via the website. Then in the menu, you will see “refer & earn”. Click that option and you will receive your unique referral code.

Once you’ve got your code, you can simply repost our product promo posts, and when someone signs up using your code, you get paid 💶

You can redeem your rewards against Fit4Mii products, or receive a cash payout.

Encouraging others to get fit deserves a reward 😍🙏🏽

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How Fit4Mii Affiliate Programme Works
“What’s Better Than Getting Fit? -Getting Paid to Get Fit!” -Fit4Mii

At Fit4Mii, we have a great way to encourage people to get fit – by becoming affiliates!

Our Affiliate programme works like this:

You are giving a discount code which is unique to you. Using this discount code, your friends and family can buy products on our store and sign up for Health & Fitness Training for a 10% discount. When they join, you receive 5% cash back on their purchase.

You can then spend your rewards in Fit4Mii, or save it up and cash out at a later date.

Repost Fit4Mii Posts With You Personal Affiliate Code!

Fit4Mii promotes classes, services and nutritional products. When we create these posts, we have the media (Image/ video) and text including link to purchase page and discount codes that you can use. You can use a free reposting app to repost our content to promote our services and products. you can easily find content to repost by searching ” #Fit4Promo” or visiting our profile.

IMPORTANT: You must remove the discount code and replace with your own when reposting. If you leave the default discount code, we cannot track sign ups / purchases to you, in order to pay commissions.


Fit4Mii app instagram feed. The gold stars indicate promotional posts[/caption]

Screen Shot of Fit4Mii app Instagram feed, with gold stars highlighting the posts that can be reshared with promotional text and affiliate codes
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