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Setting New Fitness Goals In September!

Set New Health Goals To Keep You On Track In Your Fitness Journey

t’s not just the kids who are going back to school -You should be too! So set new goals and rewards to boost your motivation to get up and workout!

Fit4Mii is based in the Netherlands, and here, the Dutch call gyms “Sportschool”, so starting a new fitness regime is always about what workout you are doing at the #sportsschool!

September, January and my birthday are always points of the year when I like to set new health and fitness goals. What about you? Have you found your perfect match for your body and your weight-loss and fitness goals?

Do you need some guidance on what fitness routine works for weight loss? Or what home workout app is the best?

If you do, download @fit4mii_app on @googleplay and @android, take our free health & fitness assessment, and let Fit4Mii help you create your new workout and nutrition plan. iOS app launches soon, so join @fit4mii_app FREE and start your fitness journey today
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