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Pregnant woman stretching and Qoute "during pregnancy try to keep active on a daily basis. remember any amount of activity is better than nothing" -NHS

“Staying active during pregnancy can help you to adapt to your changing body shape, and help you to cope with labour”

The NHS recommends that you try to get active every day, even 30 minutes of walking can be enough to help your body adapt to pregnancy and cope with labour. 

Tips for staying active in pregnancy:

– Keep up your normal daily physical activity or exercise for as long as you feel comfortable.

– Do not exhaust yourself. You should be able to hold a conversation while exercising without becoming breathless.

– If attending exercise classes, make sure the instructor is aware that you are pregnant.

– Drink plenty of water and avoid strenuous exercise in hot weather.

– Remember that exercise does not have to be strenuous to be beneficial.

Don’t worry about your changing body shape, focus on strengthening yourself to cop with the labour and new motherhood.

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