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Have You Tried Adapted Home Workouts?

So, you may have a long-term health condition, illness, injury or disability, this doesn’t have to stop you from trying new methods to focus on your health and fitness. That’s great! Sometimes life throws us additional challenges, and it’s up to us to find work-arounds. Fitness training should be accessible to all, no matter the ability. Sometimes, it only take a few adjustments to the fitness class to ensure that more people can take part. All trainers should be made aware of any health / mobility differences that you may have, so that they can adapt the teaching method for you.

Online Fitness Training Is Very Accessible and Inclusive

Exercise will help improve circulation, flexibility and general well-being. If you have a long-term health condition, disability or injury, you can find workouts that work around your needs.Taking part in team sports really help to improve your fitness, and coordination, as will give you a great social circle to build on.You may also need the support of someone to help ensure that you are working to just the right intensity, whilst working out safely. Fit4mii offers A variety of live and pre-recorded workouts to suit you. Choices that fit your needs.

The great thing about online / app-based fitness training is that it’s more accessible than attending a physical gym. For a start, you do not need to worry about the time taken to travel to or from the gym. For those who have injuries, disabilities and health issues, the gym will support you to adapt your workout so that you can keep moving. But perhaps even being in the gym can be a hassle, especially if you have children and no childcare whilst you are working out. 

No matter what your starting point is, we have services to help you achieve your fitness goal.

What adapted classes have you tried?

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