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Vitamin D Reduces Risk of Covid Infection - Especially In People Of Colour

Ethnic Minorities Benefit Increasing Vitamin D Intake

The sun seems to be making a return this week 🌞 We could all do with some sunshine ☀️ don’t you just always feel recharged after a day in the sun? ⛅️ A large part of that is the vitamin D levels that you are boosting 🤩

The university of Chicago @universityofchicago medical centre carried out some research on Vitamin D levels in relation to Covid infections. The Healthy level for vitamin D is a blood level of 30ng/ml. The study indicated that black people who have a (vitamin D) blood level of 30-40ng/ml, are 2.64 times more likely to test positive for covid, than those with over 40ng/ml of any race. Sunshine reduces risk of infection!

Get your levels checked and get out in the sunshine 🌞 especially if you are melanated/ of colour 🙌🏽👸🏾 encourage friends and family to enjoy a little sunshine.

Did you manage to spend some time outside today?

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