Happy International Women’s day 2021 🤗

Today, Fit4Mii will be honouring the female athletes that overcome struggles to make history.

To kick it off, @serenawilliams is the greatest athlete of all time in my humble opinion. Not only have her family @venuswilliams paved a way for black Tennis stars, Serena has shown nothing but dignity in the racism and sexism she has faced in the media (you know, because holding the record for most grand slams isn’t enough🤦🏽‍♀️). And we mustn’t forget Venus Williams contribution as she has also face much the same abuses as Serena. These two sisters are strength personified 🙏🏽

Couch slobs are also quick to say…

 Serena has been criticised for her body, compared to animals and suffered backlashes over her interracial relationship.. yet she has still risen over and above all of it.

In the process, Serena has always encouraged women to love and accept themselves for who they are. She’s worked hard to encourage other women and girls to get into sports… and as we have seen today, she has also come out to bat for other women who are enduring the same discrimination that she has suffered.

I want to be Serena Williams when I grow up 😂

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