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Can Your Diet Make You Less Attractive?

Firstly, we know about the impact to the skin and body when we eat processed food.

We also know that eating processed food can cause or prolong a variety of issues for most of us. For example: increased weight gain, skin problems, vitamin / nutrient deficiencies and even hormonal imbalances.

But, What About the“entry” point for all of the processed food that we are eating? What about our faces?

Our face is covered in muscles – just like the rest of our skeletons. And like the rest of our skeletons, muscular-skeletal changes can take place with regular and repeated exercise.

Therefore, I ask : does our diet of processed food have an impact on our faces, and in turn our attractiveness? According to the book In the book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”, the answer seems to be ‘yes’!

Comparisons were made between people who consumed indigenous diets and those who consumed processed food.

Indigenous diets were mostly made up of raw fruit, vegetables, home cooked meat and fish on the bones.

The comparisons were documented with photos.  It turned out that “Modern” people had crooked teeth, smaller mouth arches and hollow cheekbones.

They also had issues with their teeth (crowding / tooth decay). As well as major differences in the structure of the faces.

In contrast, the indigenous people’s tended to have straight teeth and high cheekbones.

In conclusion, the problem comes from eating soft, easy to chew foods. This has a deeper impact to our teeth also -apparently our teeth become more brittle if we do not eat crunchy foods like apples and raw carrots.

Luckily, it’s possible to reverse some of these problems. Our skulls have fissures on them (fault lines that allow for the bones in the skull to shift a little).

So don’t be deterred by the crooked carrots! They will make you beautiful 💜

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