Natural Lip & Face Plumping Tip

Natural Lip Plumping Tips

I’ve been taking so much care to stay flexible and supple during the winter months. But one thing that I have noticed is that my facial muscles around my mouth seem tight. Now, I was thinking that my lips were thinning due to age (and of course they are. But when I read up, I saw that the facial muscles can become tense and tight, especially for people who tend to grind their teeth, or purse a lot. So I got into the habit of including my face into my morning and evening stretches. You can see from the before and after photos, the difference that it has made. I’ve also been doing the facial facelift course on @fit4mii_app because I feel like the self-massage course leaves my face feeling lifted and revitalised 🤩 

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Learn A Short Daily, Self-Massage, Facial Routine That Will Have You Looking & Feeling Younger!

Learn the Acupressure Non-Surgical Facelift

This is a form of a non-surgical facelift that involves Self-Massage (also referred to as DO-IN) on all parts of the face and head. In Chinese medicine, there are many meridians and acupressure points that are located in the head and face region and this facelift technique is designed to activate and stimulate these areas so that we not only feel better, more relaxed, with perhaps more mental clarity and alertness, but also this acupressure facelift technique is very good for addressing the face from within, to create a glowing exterior. This includes helping to tone the facial muscles, balancing the energy flow, encouraging general wellness and stimulating circulation. In a nutshell, most people report that they feel and look younger once they make this a regular practice. Click Here To Read More


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