Best Free Tips To Increase Gym / Health Club Revenues

5 Free / Low-Cost Ways To Increase The Revenues Of Your Gym / Health Club 


Increase The Income Of Your Gym With These 5 Low-Cost of FREE Recommendations

The impact of the pandemic on gyms and health clubs, has meant a need to reevaluate budgets, and find low cost / free ways to grow your business revenues.  As a gym health-club owner, you will also want to consider diversifying your business income. This may help you to manage cash flow during situations like cash-flow, member engagement and all other challenges that health club / gym owners face. 


1. Offer your members Health Checks 

The offer of free and short health checks will help your members to interact with staff more, so they’ll be more open with the gym’s members of staff. You may gain deeper insight into the member’s goals and needs just from a quick BP, and body mass index check. This can present the opportunity for quality conversations with your valuable members. Health checks can be quick and free, just pre-booked appointments with staff or walk-ins (that you can advertise outside the club -great for lead generation). 

FREE Health & Fitness Assessment | Images shows a laptop and on the screen, there is the page for the Health & fitness assessment, as well as a personal Trainer holding a clipboard and talking to a client | Fit4Mii Online Fitness Training App
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2. Build your own online fitness eduction and certification school with a PT Academy. 

I know that a PT Academy may seem daunting, and like more work – but I can assure you that the returns are well worth the investment. As a gym owner, your health club / gym is respected for the brand of health and fitness training that it delievers. With Fit4LifeAcademy (also known as Learn@Fit4Life), you will be provided a fully automated PT training academy. The training programmes are already set, and ready to go. You can sell the courses and deliver the courses, fully online and automated. Fit4Life Academy provides full support in ensuring you can maximise revenues. With estimated returns being 40-80,000 GBP per year, this is the single most lucrative tip. 

3. Nutrition -gym sales of supplements, shakes and other FMG products. 

The more your members attend the gym, the more they be interested in trying out some of the FMG products on offer. So why not make it even more enticing by creating social posts that have recipes using one of your current products? Add to social media  and your google my business page. This may bring footfall from local businesses. Do not overlook the google merchant account too. Listing your item on google  merchant, will enable your products to be seen under the “google shopping” tab. If you want to build an online store, Ecwid has a free / low cost store that you can use to sell your products. 

Get a drop-ship store via Fit4Mii  – No Set Up Fee!


4. Maximise your studio space and budget 

Your studio timetable is a huge attraction, so make sure that each class is hitting attendance numbers required to meet cost per head needs. If there are very quiet classes, work out the key demographic, try to generate referrals from the current attendees to garner like-minded people. Get a challenge running for number of visits to the gym, or specific classes. If you cannot pump the numbers, then maybe it’s time to cut those classes or move them to a time that would have more participants. 

Maximise the deadzones in your studios / gym.  

There’s a lot of health and Safety regulations that mostly determine the layout of a club. Once the equitptment and members are in, you will notice the areas that are and aren’t being used. The studios are usually the biggest culprits. [insert Luke suggesstions]. Get creative too! If there’s a open space with good lighting, why not put up a feature that people can interact with and most importantly, take photos, post on social media and tag your gym in! Think along the lines of these instagram posts where the club is being tagged in hundreds of feature-wall spaces. 

I know, you’ll have all the local influencers using your gym as location photoshoot, but it will increase foot-fall to your club.

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List Your Studio Time Table Online 

As you are already running classes, why not take those classes global by live streaming them via an app like Fit4Mii? You are able to create, list and stream all of your classes via Fit4Mii Fitaverse app. The team fully support you during the onboard process. There’s so many pricing options that you can set up all of your classes on fit4mii and sell them as packages. You can even determine the access of an online member by country, and collect payment in 172 currencies. If you are a licencee of Fit4Life Academy, you will get 50% off of your annual subscription.


5. Sell PT packages & demos

Most members would love to work with a personal trainer, but the idea that a PT is a “luxury” is still persistent. PT demos as short as 20-30 minutes and they are a great way for clients to try “taster” sessions. The cost of the PT session is pro-rated, so the clients aren’t getting undervalued sessions. How you decide to split the income is between yourself and the trainer. 

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