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The Best Arms Workout at Home

Just grab some dumbells, a chair and your own body!
Here’s some great exercises  to learn for arms which include:
•Tricep dips, super easy to adapt to make harder just by positioning the feet further away from the body. Just grab a 🪑
•Bicep curls -great for improving upper body strength. All you need is a couple of dumbells 💪🏽
•shoulder press -single or both arms. Strengthens and tones the back of the arms and the muscles around the shoulders 🏋🏽‍♂️
•Press ups -super easy to adapt. You can do box press ups, or half press ups. If you cannot get down to the floor, use a wall to press up from ✋🏽
• Overhead tricep extention -again great for the bingo wings 🍗
•Boxing – if you don’t have a punch bag, use dumbells for a great workout 🥊
•Front and lateral raises -great for strengthening the muscles, ligaments around the shoulders!

How do you train your arms?

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