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Reduce Your Sugar Intake To Improve Your Health!

18th-24 January!

This week is sugar awareness week! During this week, the negative impacts of consuming too much sugar are highlighted in the hope that people will reduce their sugar intakes. Do you have plans to reduce your sugar intake? What tools will you be using to cut down on your intake of sugar? if you would like some help and guidance, please visit Fit4Mii app for our nutrition courses. There’s a couple of sugar free/ detox courses on there that will undoubtedly help you to cut down sugar and have you feeling and looking better within the space of a couple of weeks. Benefits of cutting our sugar or reducing your intake include (but are not limited to): Reduced tooth decay, weight loss, clearer skin, improved and more stable mood! More than enough reason to cut down on sugar!

🟣 Are you monitoring your sugar consumption?
🟣 Do you exceed the daily recommended intake of sugars?
🟣 Drop is a message if you would like a sugar detox plan to help you reduce your sugar intake!

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