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“Have a break, don’t have a K*tK*t”

Today, news came out that 60% of Nestle products are unhealthy… their products are 100% unhealthy when sold unethically and results in the deaths of innocent children from the developing world….

… so is that enough for you to cut the brand out?

Personally, when it comes to brand this sort of thing…

I’m pretty much relaxed about brands and unhealthy foods, I just advise everything in moderation but I am pretty sure about Nestlé. The world should never forget what they did in the name of profit. As a business owner, people come before profits… life would be far easier for me if I had a different approach. Still, no amount of money should EVER motivate a business owner to harm the planet or others.

So why do I feel so strongly about this brand?

Well, it’s all down to the crimes committed against humanity for this brand.

This is all easily verified via google, and I ask our followers to take a moment away from reels and tiktok and go check it out.

See if the products taste the same after you know what you know 🤷🏽‍♀️

Article and 📸: @zmescience
Why Nestle is one of the most hated companies in the world

Article about how unhealthy the products are: @bloomberg


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