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Swap Meat For Plant-Based Alternatives In Veganuary!

Cut Out Meat To Improve Your Health & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Our Vegan Tips!

#Veganuary is coming to a close… did you make any meat-free changes?? If so, what have you changed? I’ve converted to a plant-based stir-fry, curry and breakfast (being British 🇬🇧 means we love a Sunday fry-up!)

We managed to swap out around half of our normal meals for plant-based alternatives. Little changes like changing cow’s milk for almond milk, and tofu for chicken really helped… although I haven’t quite mastered cooking tofu right! So please post tips below ✍🏽✍🏽✍🏽

I lost a little weight (around 4kgs which is too much for me). So I’m bulking back up with protein shakes to compensate. But I can definitely recommend vegan eating if you DO want to lose some weight!

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It’s a work in progress to phase out meat for most of us, but even cutting down helps to reduce climate change and says a big fat NO to industrial farming -which sadly is very cruel. So Fit4Mii encourages everyone to opt-out of the meat-based life. 🌱

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